Address :No.12, Block B, Xinfadi Market Seed Industry, West of Xinfadi Bridge, Jingkai Road, Fengtai District, Beijing City
Postcode :100070
Telephone : 010-83710566
Fax : 010-83710566
Linkman : Li Guanghui
Website :
E-mail : [email protected]

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Founded in 2005, Beijing Shengnong Hi-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. with its register capital being 2 millions yuan is devoted to developing and importing new vegetable varieties oriented by the market. Aiming at serving farmers and agriculture, the company keeps blazing new ways in innovative spiritual.

Mainly the company imports famous, featured and superior vegetable varieties from Holland, France, Spain, South Korea, the USA, etc. The company provides a connected sequence of service for vegetable base and export processing enterprises at home and in Southeast Asia Countries such as Vietnam and Laos.

Persevering in its management idea of “assured by quality, seek better future based on reputation”, Beijing Shengnong Hi-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. is always looking forward for guidance and operations with colleagues and friends from seed industry, vegetable bases and processing enterprises.
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